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About XCOM Marketing

We believe that the right marketing strategy transforms your business instantly from small to big. We are proud to say that we helped dozens of companies to achieve their goals. Your success is our motivation.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Learning & Growing With Your Users

You can’t grow without your customers. Growth needs to be reciprocal and we’ve seen this a lot in our existence. Our mission is to find the right bond between your company, your product and your customer and emphasize all those reasons why you are the one they need to follow. Marketing itself developed a lot just in a past decade and still keeps on going. Marketing is everywhere around us and we do not even think about it anymore. That’s called successful marketing.

Our Awesome Team

Lukas Dulka

Lukas Dulka

Founder & CEO

I love traveling, happy and energetic people and my life as it is always full of new challenges. (And coffee :D)

Hanna Jeong

Hanna Jeong

Director of Design

Proud mom of one beautiful child and passionate designer. Just do not try to disagree with her about design.

Jan Gleza

Jan Gleza

Server & IT specialist

All our applications need hosting and maintenance. If you want your web to work, do not mess with my morning tea.

Maria Torez

Maria Torez


Noone wanna read? I am okay with that cuz noone also want to write. Despite the fact it is important.

Our Values

What give us the edge over the other marketing companies? It would be probably our strict set of Values


You probably wouldn’t start the rocket if you do not know you gonna make it right on the first atempt. We are the same. Before we lunch any of our projects life. We are thoroughly going through every single detail to make sure it’s another masterpiece.


World is changing every day. New technologies are released and new practices enforced. Constant and neverending improvment is one of our main keys for success so we always deliver in the highest possible standard.


We won’t be here for that long without consistency. And this value have a special place here for us. We are here because we didn’t give up. We find a way through and we are still going. If this is not the reason why to grow with us, what is then?

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Web Development

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