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Digital Marketing

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Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

That’s a dream of every company since internet took an important place in our lives. But it is not as easy as it was in a past. Trends changed and everyone is now on the internet. We will make sure you will stand out from the crowd and became memorable so people will seek your business. We understand the key language before your product or service and the trigger which makes your potential customers crave specificaly for you.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

Let’s understand your customers and create a design language what works.

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Branding is an important step if you seriously considering taking your business to another level. Along with the right strategy you can kick start your business and get incredible results in a weeks instead of years.

It is all about the customer. If you want them to reach up and talk to you and buy your product or service. You need to understand who your customer is. Based on the detail research we can find the paterns which your customers follows and build the brand the way your customers will love and follow.

We will also help you with the marketing strategy and show you how, when and to who you need to market your product. 

Social Media Management

Hard to manage the right communication? Time consuming? We can fix you up.

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Social media are the new today. Social media contains the digital imprint of every person who ever used them which is at this point about 77% of the population. We can leverage this information for your own business and use the patterns to drive the audience to your page websites and product. 

This step is important in a long term as we build close social relationship between your company and end customer. Also help you to understand who your customer really is. 

Audience Analytics

Let’s find out who is your target audience. And how to target them better

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The most important pillar for the success is to understand your customer. Every product has it’s customers and earlier you know who they are earlier you can make your sales.

This is not, however an easy task. It is easy to get the data but not easy to read them. and even harder to effectively understand them to make the right decisions about the next steps.

That is where we love to step in, do the analysis for you and explain what are the trends in your area and what needs to be done in order to get your customer buying from you.

Search Engine Optimization

Be always found by yr audience and be ahead of your competition.

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Imagine that you are getting the sales every day without even leaving your bed. How is it possible? The answer is Search engines. Imagine that people will just look for the category your business is in and you will be the first company to pop up. It is not hard then to realise what the results are going to be.

Time is precious and everybody knows that. If you are not on a first page of search engines, you doesn’t exist at all.

Do not worry we know how to get your business back on track.

Copywriting & Strategy

It is not easy to find the right words. et us help you to make everyone understand.

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It is always hard to have all your texts just right. Not too much but also not too little. You already know about your business so you want to let it all out for the customer to process. 

That’s wrong. Based on our studies about 98% of your website visitors, brochure viewers or mail recievers won’t read more then 2 lines of texts. In fact in first 5 seconds they won’t read anything at all. We call it scanning. 

For the scanning process we are targeting the neural network in brain which is responsible for pleasure by using settle colors, typography and images along with the text, to increase the impact of your message to absolute maximum.

Workshops & Training

Have a new system or just wanna stay on track. We are here to help.

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We are really passionate about what we are doing and we love to share our knowledge to help other people who think the same. 

After a long time of success we’ve decided to share what we know with others who seek success and help them to reveal the workflow we developed.

We are having a workshops in all areas of marketing and software development.

Website Development

Survive on the internet and have a websites working for you as your own salesman.

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Majority of the people knows. That having a business without websites is a kind of suicide today. Lot of them believes that websites are just source of information or digital business card. But just few are able to leverage them properly to make them the main sales channel.

To do that you need to build them properly. There are websites and websites. And it is a big difference for the business if used all the possible sales channels right. Websites can passively generate even all of your sales if done right. So you won’t need any salesman at all.

But what’s mean to do them right. Well that’s again about understanding how our brain works and also about your key customer. Information is power here.

Email Marketing

Connect with people who worked with you. Let them know you still care about them

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Email marketing is mostly very underestimated tool to get recuring sales. We are aware that most people don’t even open emails anymore but that’s not the magic behind it.

Key is that you are communicate. People know you are still there and exists and you already know that it is presistence what brings the fruits and nothing else.

Besides we are focused on very personal level of email marketing which have about 68% of open rate in overall average. And that’s not a small number.

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