You will pay very inexpensively to hack someone’s mail or social networks. And then, of course, you will sit down.

Because hiring a hacker from the darknet qualifies as an organization of a criminal group. And this is a criminal offense.

Another popular product is counterfeit money.

There are many such sentences in Russia. People bought money, went to the nearest store, and then a special purpose car came for them.

And the most terrible thing. To find such an ad, you need to dig deep, and the prices will be in dollars. Arson of cars, stalls, acts of intimidation, that is, attacks on people. Then the performer publishes a photo or video report. And there are really burnt-out cars.

But there are also funny cases. For example, the website of the Albanian mafia offered abandoned husbands and wives to kill their exes. It’s just a scam: they took money from people, but did nothing. And one day someone hacked the site and posted the data of everyone who applied there on the Internet. So the darknet does not always fulfill evil will.