Yevgeny Shishkin, an investigator for particularly important cases in Moscow, was killed. She was involved in the case of a hacker group whose crimes looked completely stupid.

They hacked the boxes of travel companies linked to the systems for buying air and rail tickets, and on behalf of these companies they bought the most expensive tickets. Then they gave them to the so-called “drops”. They went to the ticket offices, joyfully handed over these tickets, received money and gave it to the “dropovod”. The total damage amounted to 37 million rubles. This was Shishkina’s last case. And she was looking for one of the members of Yaroslav Sumbayev’s group.

A strange story. A police colonel is killed by small hackers who steal ticket offices.

But at the first attempt to find information about Sumbayev on the darknet, it became clear that he was not so simple. The hacker wrote a lot on forums about how he hates cops. And later it turned out that on the eve of Shishkina’s murder, a car was burned. And he wrote about it too.

At some point, investigators detained the perpetrators of the murder, teenagers of 17 and 18 years old. They received the order via the darknet from a certain Miguel Moralis, the owner of a drug store.

We started digging and running through our sources in law enforcement. The key rule in working with sources: they need to be fooled. Periodically call and congratulate on all holidays. And then your image is fixed in their head: if something happens, you need to call this journalist.

Finally, we found out that a man under the pseudonym Moralis owns a large drug store, and also sells weapons. This is Sumbayev. And he’s a bigwigger, not a small hacker.

At the same time, Shishkina herself, an honest, passionate investigator, really wanted to catch Sumbayev. She said: “I won’t leave him alone, he’s breathing down my back, but I won’t back down.” A real True Detective.

We have painstakingly verified a whole array of information. Photos of the burned car that have not been published before, the archive of chats where he appeared. And finally they confirmed that Sumbayev was preparing a contract murder.